Welmax delivers unique TIG cladding stations to Kværner



As of May 2015 Welmax has successfully completed installation of two unique Hot Wire High Deposit TIG Welding stations at Kværner Piping Technology.

Welmax has developed a technology which significantly increases the productivity compared to conventional Hot Wire TIG welding, due to a higher concentration of the arc. The advantages of this process are a low dilution rate, a small heat-affected zone and a high deposition rate.

With our unique solution we can melt up to 5 times more than other hot wire solutions.

– When cladding, we can melt 2-5 kg wire.

– Higher welding speed makes it easier to control the mixture of the base material with the melted material.

– High flexibility of our automated column & boom makes it possible to weld outside of the pipe and also much easier to weld various work pieces in a big range of sizes.


Statement from Stig Arild Bratli at KPT:

Welmax is without a doubt the leading company for automatic TIG welding solutions. We are very pleased with the stations deliverd by Welmax, not to mention the incredible support during the startup.