Welflux TFO100


Welflux TFO100 is a neutral flux in the fluoridebasic family, well suited for both AC and DC welding, in combination with cored as well as solid wire,including stainless.

The flux is sintered, with good grain strength giving minimum dust problems in vacuum recovery units and by compressed air feeding and circulation.
Grain size 10-60 mesh, equal to 0,8-2,5 mm
The flux has good weldability within a wide parameter range, and is therefore an excellent selection for the high efficiency variants of SAW, such as multi-wire, twin arc and ICE.
Classification acc. to ISO 14174 : SA FB 1 55 AC H4
This indicates alloying / burn-off of Mn and Si is negligible, typical analysis when welded with S2Si wire is: C 0,07 – Mn 1,6 – Si 0,35 – S 0,015 – P 0,02. Low hydrogen content.
Weld metal mechanical properties are influenced by choice of wire, welding parameters and dilution, but Rm ≥400 MPa and CHV ≥60 Joule -40oC can generally be expected.