SE25 Outside clamping tube and fittings facing machine


Very light weight, portable and versatile

For thin tubes, fittings, micro fittings and elbows

The SE25 clamps on the outer part of the tube through collets. Usually, one collet per diameter is necessary.

No distortion of the tubes, even for the thinnest ones

Motorization: Electrically or cordless

The SE25 be mounted onto a bench support.

The ideal solution for applications within various fields such as:
– Semi-conductor industry
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Clean rooms
– Food processing
– Aerospace industry

The SE25 is the essential complement of your orbital welding machines.
They allow a perfect preparation of the tubes for the manual or automatic welding operations

Machining capacity: 3.4 mm OD – 25.4 mm OD 

Clamping capacity: 3.4 mm OD – 25.4 mm OD

Clamping: manual with clamping lever

Feed: 10 mm manual with scale

Gear drive: 1. level 0-350 rpm
2. level 0-1200 rpm

Machine is delivered with:

– 1 facing tool block with one tool insert
– 2 storage batteries
– 1 battery charger
– Key and screws
– Operating manual

Without expansion collet!