Robotic Beam & Pipe Cutting Line


A cutting line designed to make straight and angled cuts, full flexibility 360 degrees around you workpiece.

Using a 360 dg. laser scanner that identifies work piece position we eliminate the time-consuming process of carefully positioning the work piece.

Use adaptive cutting macros that scale to your workpiece, CNC code or offline programming, whatever best suits your workflow.

Cut beams, pipes and other geometries with high accuracy and any design.

Automatic marking of cut parts; serial number, date, name of part etc. can be done with plasma.

The Welmax ProControl features unique intelligent welding functions developed by Welmax.
The operator can easily set the welding parameters or choose pre-set macros where you only choose pipe diameter, wall thickness, bevel type and pipe material.

The 3D Laser scanner will find and measure the bevel and weld seam profiles. And perform
adaptive correction during welding.