Orbital DP-TIG


This orbital carriage is designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds using
the revolutionary DP-TIG process developed by Welmax.


The carriage combined with Welmax ProControl and our DP-TIG welding process, is used for larger diameter/heavy wall applications. Interchangeable guide rings provide mounting on the pipe, and allow us to cover a broad size range.

With the DP-TIG process we combine all the TIG processes, and by modifying the welding arcs characteristics electronically and parametrically we are changing the process. We do this to get the needed arc pulse penetration on the root pass, a wider arc and Hot Wire on the filler passes to increase the deposited volume.

  •  Up to 40 times faster
  •  High weld quality. Minimal amount of weld defects; less than 0,5%

Technical data:

Pipe OD size range (mm):  168 – 1 524 and larger
Wire size (mm):  0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2
Max speed capability (mm/min):  2 540
Arc gap control module (mm): 66 stroke. Additional mechanical adjustment allows welding near heavier wall pipe.
Torch propulsion module: 250 mm maximum rotation speed
Water-cooled torch (A continius): 300
Cross seam adjustment (mm): +/- 6.4 fine adjustment
Cross seam adjustment (mm): +/- 38 course adjustment
Max oscillation stroke amplitude (mm): 16
Max oscillation speed (mm/min): 1 520
Oscillation dwell (second): 0 – 1


The Welmax ProControl features unique intelligent welding functions developed by Welmax.
The operator can easily set the welding parameters or choose pre-set macros where you only
choose pipe diameter, bevel type, wall thickness and pipe material.





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