High Accuracy Weld Gap Calibrator


Robotic station designed to identify and repair defect bevels, create bevels and remove oxide
layer on several work pieces simultaneously.

A laser guided robot mounted with a spindle motor controlled by an intuitive control system.
Utilizing a work piece database with unlimited dimensions, the robot scales its path to whatever
dimension you need.

The 3D Laser scanner will identify defect bevels within the parameters set with the control
system. The system will calculate the defect or control that the parameters are within the
accepted measurements. The laser measures the gap error and teaches the robot accurate
positions required for calibration. If needed the robot will perform grinding or beveling tasks to
repair any measured defects detected in the data from the laser and verified by the control
system. Finally, the robot will inform the control system that the task is done and the work piece
is now ready to be welded. The robot will then carry on to the work piece.


The control features unique and intelligent functions developed by Welmax. The operator can set the programs the work pieces with a step by step visual wizard. Setting measurements, angles and bevel type. Tailored functionality for the application with preprogrammed algorithms.

Samples of bevel and meausurements.

Samples of bevel and meausurements.