Column & Boom WCB 2000 Standard module


Welmax column and boom is a module based consept. High precision combined with flexibility gives us a possibility to equip the boom with different type of processes like TIG, Plasma, SAW or MIG. The combination of these pr ocesses gives the system a high flexibility. Different types of welding heads makes it easy to swop between the processes. Easy to start up, and easy to use. A weave unit can easily be connected and integrate


  • High quality
  • High precision due to linear guidance of the column and boom
  • High stability
  • Limited space required
  • Manual rotation of the column
  • Rail tracked carriage or a solid platform
  • Fall safety of the boom and limit switches for all movements
  • Flexible remote control
  • Rapid mount for welding heads
  • Cable chain for maximum protection of cables and hoses
  • Easy operation for use with either positioner or roller beds as handling equipment
  • Easy maintainable and ready for pendulum work.