Column & Boom WCB 2000, Prefabrication


High precision, High flexibility, Welding Equipment

Welding of pipes, bends and flanges.
WCB is often used with TIG hot wire and narrow gap groove. Plasma welding can be used in combination with TIG hot wire. The combination of these welding methods will give an increased productivity while preserving the high quality. All parameters are programmed on a controller which even controls the rotating units, height adjustments (AVC) and weaving slide.

  • High quality
  • High precision due to linear guidance of the column and boom
  • High stability
  • Limited space required
  • Manual rotation of the column
  • Rail tracked carriage or a solid platform
  • Fall safety of the boom and limit switches for all movements
  • Flexible remote control
  • Rapid mount for welding heads
  • Cable chain for maximum protection of cables and hoses
  • Easy operation for use with either positioner or roller beds as handling equipment
  • Easy maintainable and ready for pendulum work


  • The Column & Boom CaB 2200 is purposely designed for light duty.
  • A smooth 360-degree lockable rotation.
  • Linear guidings on column and boom for smooth move ment which makes it ideal for the MIG, TIG and SAW welding processes.
  • Cable chain on column and boom.
  • Movable carriage or fixed stand
  • IP 55 pendant control station using low voltage on the generous 10 metre cable.
  • A standard safety feature including anti-fall device and limit switches for all motions.
  • Pay load of 70 kg.
  • Ready for ESAB Quick connection MechTig equipment
  • Can be delivered with Quick release grip for Tig and Plasma
  • Easily connected to Welmax Hotwire system


Can be applied to the Processes,
K-tig, Mig/Mag, Saw, Tig and Plasma